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About Us

About UsAbout UsAbout Us

Our Company has been providing travel oxygen and private healthcare solutions throughout the world for over 20 years.
We pride ourselves on our personal, flexible and complete service.

Approved within the industry we specialise in cruise and travel oxygen equipment, working closely with the worlds cruise and travel companies. We aim to mirror your home oxygen requirements and deliver the comparative equipment directly to you at your location, set up and "ready to go".

Our cruise oxygen teams will deliver all your equipment direct to your cabin as well as liaising with the on-board crew to ensure all is ready for your arrival ensuring a smooth start to your cruise.

Our service is designed to allow you to travel with confidence.

Please give us a call with any questions you may have.

Our Services

Cruise & Travel Oxygen

"taking your oxygen needs with you, hassle free".... We have fine tuned our service to your needs, taking the worry out of your trip. We will work with you to find the best and most comfortable oxygen solution for you. Your required oxygen equipment will be delivered directly to you at your desired location or your cabin and set up "ready to go" allowing you to relax right from the start of your cruise. We ensure that your equipment is installed and tested to the correct power rating, with "back-up" facilities.

Oxygen Concentrators

Our wide range of Oxygen Concentrators are available to you. These options include specific "high-flow" concentrators. We deliver to you or directly into your cabin, setting up your equipment "ready to go". Each model is installed to your specification as well as the exact power rating of your cruise ship. Advantage is taken form the 120v ratings of most modern cruise ships, allowing us to deliver machines that have a very low ambient noise rating. *All cruise ships are installed with "backup" oxygen concentrators as a support option for any equipment malfunctions.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

We are able to offer the most up to date technology to our customers. Portable oxygen concentrators now have the ability to offer high levels of oxygen flexibility.

International Travel

The Inogen At-Home portable oxygen concentrator is considered great option for people traveling requiring oxygen delivery on Continuous flow from 1-5 LPM, designed to be used at all times during the day or night and is multi voltage operating from 110-240volts, ideal for Cruise Ships. It was designed with the intention to fit any patient’s needs, including those who require CPAP or Bi-PAP devices.


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Oxygen Booking Form

Please complete our cruise oxygen booking form.
Don't worry if you don't have all the details yet, we can complete any missing items when we give you a call.

We will call you to discuss your medical condition and current oxygen requirements as well as answer any questions you may have.

Cruise Oxygen Booking Form


Oxygen Duration Chart

The Oxygen Cylinder Duration Chart Data is provided by BOC (British Oxygen Company).
The cylinder duration times are approximate and are to be used as guidance.

Before you complete your booking we strongly recommend that you check your oxygen cylinder order with your healthcare professional.
Oxygen Duration Chart

Terms and conditions of our service

TERMS & CONDITIONS    (Effective from 1st March 2018)

1. All equipment supplied by Omega Oxygen Ltd, from the point of installation to the point of removal, is under the full responsibility and liability of the patient and/or carer.

2. Orders will only be processed once a full and accurate declaration of the patients condition and oxygen requirement has been made.

3. Before booking a holiday or cruise outside the UK Omega Oxygen Ltd advises that you discuss your plans with your doctor or healthcare professional – Omega Oxygen Ltd cannot advise on the type of oxygen delivery equipment that you require. Omega Oxygen Ltd also cannot advise the hours of oxygen use per 24 hrs or the regulated (litre per minute) flow rate that is required whilst using our equipment.

4. Omega Oxygen Ltd will present specific details and operational parameters of the oxygen equipment that will be supplied. It is the responsibility of the persons using the equipment supplied to ensure that it will deliver the level of oxygen per 24 hrs required and at the regulated flow rate required under the recommendation of their Doctor or healthcare professional.

5. Whilst in the UK, should additional oxygen equipment be required Omega Oxygen Ltd will advise on the time it will take to complete the delivery of the equipment. Omega Oxygen will endeavour to complete this with 24 hrs.

5. Whilst at sea it is not feasible for an oxygen supply to be replenished or additional equipment added to the requirement. Omega Oxygen Ltd recommends that advice is taken from your Doctor or Healthcare professional to check and/or advise on the type and amount of oxygen equipment that is supplied, which will satisfy the required hours per day and Litres per minute flow rate.

6. Aside from portable ambulatory equipment, all supplied equipment is to be used at the stated or agreed installation location.

7. All quotations and subsequent payments are based on Pounds Sterling (£). Payment is accepted via Cheque, BACS or by a valid Debit or Credit Card, (except American Express.)  Full payment is required within two weeks of travel to complete the order.

8. A administration deposit of £25.00 is required may be required to complete a booking. The administrative deposit covers our booking set-up costs which involve liason with your cruise company and cruise ship (if required). The administrative deposit is not refundable. 

9. Additional deposits may be required on specific oxygen equipment items. The agreed deposit will not be refunded in the event of lost or damaged equipment which is the property of Omega Oxygen Ltd.

10. Omega Oxygen Ltd will deliver and remove supplied equipment on the dates agreed.

11. Equipment supplied by Omega Oxygen Ltd is not to be used in conjunction with any equipment or accessories that the patient may have already been issued and/or bring with them for the duration of the holiday in which Omega Oxygen Ltd are required to supply. Exceptions may apply in relation to oxygen conserving devices and the required addition of these should be stated to Omega Oxygen Ltd at the point of booking to enable the checking of cylinder connection points.

12. Omega Oxygen Ltd operates a 365-day operation with varying daily operating hours. Enquires can be made by contacting us via:   Tel: +44(0)3451000084      or via email:

13. Equipment faults can be reported via the contact points above. Omega oxygen cannot attend or fix mechanical faults whilst you are aboard a cruise vessel. Should a fault occur we will endeavour to access and advise how to correct the fault over the phone. Should an un-repairable fault occur to mechanical equipment we will refer you to a back-up unit which is stored on your vessel. (A Back-up oxygen concentrator unit is stored on tier 1 cruise vessels of which we will confirm ahead of your cruise.) No back-up or repair facility is available for oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen systems.

14. Due to the nature of cruise and air travel Omega Oxygen Ltd will not be held liable for any costs or liability of losses incurred due to an equipment failure, oxygen cylinder or liquid oxygen system failure.  

15. Omega Oxygen Ltd will not be held responsible for any costs or liability of losses caused by the misplacement or removal of the oxygen equipment whilst on board a cruise vessel once the delivery has been made to the vessel.

16. Patients are required to have suitable insurance to cover all oxygen supply eventualities and related losses that may occur.

17. Cancellations policy: A 100% refund of the oxygen equipment cost (excluding the administration deposit) will be made if the booking is cancelled greater then 4 weeks before the start date of your booking. Bookings that are cancelled due to the death of patient a 100% refund of the oxygen equipment cost will be made. We strongly recommend that your insurance cover is extended to cover any oxygen equipment cancellation cost.

18. In the event of a dispute arising out of or in connection with these terms or any contract between you and us, then you agree to attempt to settle the dispute by engaging in good faith with us in a process of mediation before commencing arbitration or litigation. The maximum settlement amount payable by Omega Oxygen Ltd in any circumstance is £250.00 (two hundred and fifty pounds)

19. These terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted by all parties on the payment of the invoice and acceptance of the booking confirmation form.

Should any of the above points within the terms and conditions require clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is the difference between a Pulse and a Continuous Flow

We are often asked the difference between between an “on demand”, also known as “pulse flow” versus “continuous flow” oxygen delivery to a patient by nasal cannula.
Portable oxygen flow can be delivered to a patient by two different methods continuous flow or pulse delivery pulse is also known as on demand delivery or conserving technology.

PULSE FLOW. All of the small POC’s (Portable Oxygen Concentrator) use this type of flow. Manufacturers run slick ads on television showing the very small machines, but there is a large patient population who can not use this technology.

When using a portable with pulse delivery, this means that you only receive the oxygen every time you begin to take a breath. There are conserving regulators that are used on oxygen cylinders that give you a dose of oxygen each time you breathe. If it was very quiet and someone was near your nose each time you inspire they could actually hear it give you a puff of oxygen as you breath in.

CONTINUOUS FLOW: This is typically a "at home" or "static" device using a wall plug. This device is giving you the oxygen in a constant or continuous flow meaning if you took off the nasal cannula and put it in a glass of water it would bubble like an aquarium.

Who should use a Pulse Delivery ?

What type of patient can use Pulse delivery and what type of patient should absolutely never use Pulse delivery?

Pulse delivery is designed for adults and not children and adults breathe an average 12 to 18 times a minute. The machines are designed to operate on a setting based on 15 to 18 breaths per minute as equivalent to the litre flow and relationship to the setting so for example the setting of two on pulse at 15 to 18 breaths a minute could be equal to 2 Litre per minute of flow based on the volume of each dose.
If the adult is a mouth breather meaning perhaps they have a nasal septal defect and cannot breathe normally through their nose and typically are always only breathing through their mouth, this type of patient is not a candidate for pulse delivery however most adults that breathe normally through their nose tend to do quite well with a pulse or on demand delivery system. Whether it be a regulator on a cylinder that will extend the length of time the cylinder will last 2 to 4 times longer or the use of one of the very small POC‘s such as the Inogen G3 it is important that the proper patient is using the proper device.

Children breathe much faster than adults, therefore pulse or on demand flow technology should not be used with a child. The child will breathe faster than the equipment can make the oxygen therefore putting the equipment into alarm and they are not designed for use by children.

Sleeping: When we sleep it is very natural for us to become a mouth breather at some point during our sleep. It is not recommended by most physicians to use pulse delivery when you were sleeping.